Sevilla Art Museum

The site of the project is located in a historical city of Spain, Sevilla. The concept of this design is that there are different ways of architecture hidden, normally methods used are fusion between shape and site, application of transparent materials or utilisation of greening. People can enter the building without the feeling that was around by a building shell. Even it is blank in former meaning, people still feel it like enter in to a building.


From architectural scale, application methods like gradual change, body piece of dislocation and spatial local amplification give signal of black-out in spatial experience. From flow lines in the architecture point of view, application methods of various travel form makes people feels like walking in a street only with the surroundings of items of museum. In addition there are lots of experience areas in this building of many kinds of functions. It provides people with place to rest combined with community life style. The involvement of lifestyle in the building for sightseeing is also can function blanking construction properties.