Sedhiou Peace Pavilion

The project, situated in Sedhiou, southern Senegal, aims to amplify the impact of the memorial through its commemorative design. From a vantage point overlooking the memorial, the structural arrangement of the colonnade on the eastern side guides visitors' gazes towards the horizon.



As one traverses the colonnade, a subtle glimpse of the Casamance River emerges, adding a poetic touch to the journey. Guided by the sweeping arc of the wall, visitors are gently ushered from the expansive outdoor courtyard into the intimate confines of the indoor exhibition space. With each step, their field of vision subtly shifts, transitioning from the vast openness of the courtyard to a more focused perspective. This gradual narrowing of vision serves a dual purpose: not only does it shield the visitors from the bustling external environment, but it also amplifies the solemnity and reverence of the memorial, enveloping them in a cocoon of introspection and remembrance.



Light pillar/starry sky Within its contemplative spaces, the design masterfully harnesses the transformative power of light, inviting visitors to witness the ever-changing states of the building. In Sedhiou, where the dry season spans from November to May and the rainy season from June to October, the architecture becomes a canvas for nature's seasonal dance. As rainwater gracefully gathers from the roof during the rainy season, it channels into the building's water circulation system, giving rise to a mesmerizing spectacle: a luminous water pillar that dances in the sunlight on clear days. This ephemeral and ethereal "structure" serves as a poignant reminder of life's transience, a delicate balance between permanence and impermanence, and the profound beauty found in fleeting moments.

In the tranquil space of contemplation, the sidewalls crafted from Sedhiou's rich laterite earth are adorned with a delicate arrangement of angled light apertures. As daylight filters through these apertures, it casts a mesmerizing constellation of light spots upon the floor below, evoking the splendor of a starry sky. This interplay of light and shadow, where brightness and darkness intertwine, becomes a poignant metaphor for the continuum between life and death. Here, amidst this evocative ambiance, visitors are encouraged to delve into history's annals, to ponder the complexities of conflict, and to reflect upon the intertwined destinies of the living and the departed.


As visitors emerge from the memorial's embrace, a breathtaking vista unfolds before them: the serene majesty of the Casamance River, now revealed in all its splendor, unobscured by the colonnade. In this moment of revelation, a curious sensation washes over them, akin to a subtle shift in perception. The landscape, once concealed, now stands before them in its full glory, yet somehow, it feels both familiar and strangely transformed. It's as if the world they behold now is not quite the same as the one they left behind upon entering the site. This juxtaposition of before and after prompts contemplation, inviting introspection on the fluid nature of perception and the ever-changing tapestry of existence.