Distorted Library

The design of library is in Nanjing University of the Arts, the covered area is 5000m2 and Landform is in gentle slope.

Library is essential of a school and it is source of knowledge and spirit.How to build this realm of spirit has be to thought in this design. From view of architectural attribute dimension, it is mainly used for energetic college student. Glass curtain wall,Green vegetation roof are much accordance with word “energy”. From view of architectural environment, the building located in a gentle slope which will be create abundant interesting vertical travel gray space. In addition, the near city texture should be taken into consideration so that the building can agree with the city. The key point is to reflect the soul of building by designing a spiritual internal structure.

All in all, it has to be design in a way from outside to inside,from extensiveness to small scale, finally it will be a local problem solving beautiful library.

The first floor roof is a transition region from play ground to library. Students can enter the first floor or second floor by walking courtyard stairs. The combination space of dynamic and static not only gives a view to people from second floor and above but interactive with surroundings deeply. So next step is how to design the first floor roof to meet above requirements and strengthen the dynamic element in form.

To put hilly-sloppy lands into building floor block. With an direct lead to building floor block roof from higher place.

The top of the tower should be kept stable; the borders of roof and building floor should be paralleled; the floors below should be rotated a certain angle progressively. Then the final form of tower is confirmed.

The twist glass wall can project different pictures, the upward slant point of vies is sky, the downward slant point is scenery of ground.

The building block is for strong introduction of space, while the building tower block is a iconic symbol to express architectural attributes and personality.

The contradiction between noble knowledge and self-highness youth must be designed in a way to stress the knowledge was injected to new blood. So the material of elevation is glass wall with relative good transparency, which symbolizes students’ pure and innocent heart. The architecture form is designed in a way that can express youth not fearing of authority, innovation and questioning about existence theories.

The library is Steel structure column grid structure. It has angle in body only because of floor slab rotating.